A specialized company in making, producing, and marketing TV shows and documentaries. It also provides production services, and live satellite broadcast in Lebanon and Syria.

The company was founded in 2012 in Beirut, and has many branches in Cairo, Damascus, Amman, and Palestine.

The company provides services regarding making, producing, and marketing TV shows and documentaries of various genres: political, social, economic, scientific, and cultural, in addition to movie dubbing.

Since its establishment, MediaTVPlus has made dozens of shows and documentaries of various genres: politics, religion, society, and art. The company holds marketing rights for hundreds of programming hours to scientific, educational, religious, and political shows dubbed in Arabic language.

MediaTVPlus specializes in movies and shows about Palestine and the Palestinian people and their cause whether in the occupied territories or abroad.

The company also provides services regarding studio preparations, production units, cameras, sound and lighting equipment in Syria and Lebanon.

The company has a specialized graphics department, producing logos, printing press graphics and TV graphics while using state of the art technology.

Concerning live satellite broadcast, MediaTVPlus provides its services in Syria and Lebanon via modern, highly efficient transmission and reception stations.

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